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2021 Chinese New Year Holiday

وقت: 2021-02-05 ويو: 4

                                     2021 Chinese New Year Holiday

     To: Our esteemed clients and friends:
            Chinese new year holiday is arriving. We, all the staffs of Shaoxing Baite
     Textile Co.,Ltd wish you “ Happy New Year ! ”

            Thanks very much for your long term cooperation and support !
             For your convenience to arrange to place the orders , now we officially
     inform you that our holiday time from Feb.06,2021 to Feb.21, 2021. We will
     return to work on Feb.22, 2021.
             We will make the better quality products and supply the better service for
      all our clients in the new year .
             The quality is our culture ! To do business with us, your money is safe.
      For emergency , you could call Johnson’s mobile phone: +86-13757582836 .
      ويچات: جانسن 13757582836
      وائسٽس: + 86-13757582836
      اي ميل: [ايميل محفوظ ٿيل]


                                                                                               Shaoxing Baite Textile Co.,Ltd
                                                                                                        Date: Feb.05, 2021

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