NO.910-911, Caizhi Edifice, Deartown, Shaoxing City, Chigawo cha Zhejiang, China

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Shaoxing Baite nsalu NKHA., LTD is located in Shaoxing -a world famous city for textile, China, focusing on making various of military fabrics and uniforms to the Army, Police and Government Departments of the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia, America and Africa.

Zomwe tingachite:

We have over 15 years experience in the military and workwear protective industry as well as extensive products knowledge in all items we making . Therefore,we are providing you with quality products along with informative customer service to raise your awareness on what we supply and for your own safety.Our products are diverse and varied, which including camouflage fabrics, woolen uniform fabrics, workwear fabrics, military uniforms, combat belt ,cap, boots, T-shirt and Jackets.

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We always stick to the spirit of “Quality first, Efficiency first, Service first” from the beginning to the end.We sincerely welcome the visit and inquiry from every customer in the world.