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In 2003, Zhejiang Kingyi Textile co.,Ltd was established, specialized in the production of camouflage fabrics and uniform fabrics.


In 2005, we cooperated with the Chinese military factory to develop and produce high-demand camouflage fabrics.


In 2008, We bought the shares of the military factory , in order to better cooperate and better serve for every distinguished customers.


In 2010, Shaoxing Baite Textile Co.,Ltd was established.


In 2014, set up textile factory , with 250 Toyota air-jet looms , with a monthly output of 3,000,000 meters.


In 2018, build a spinning mill, has all sets of spinning machines with 300,000 spindles and revelant equipments.


In 2020, our company achieve one-stop supply of spinning, weaving, printing & dyeing, and sewing uniforms, we have great advantages in the production of camouflage fabrics, uniform fabrics and military suits.


In 2021, our company continues to grow up.